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Mold design and manufacturing

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The predecessor of the Sanyou Hardware department is the Shunniu Metal Products company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanyou). With nearly two decades of hardware experience in manufacturing and mold development, its production relay yoke, armature, reed,hook, A / B pin, pin, conductive, static piece of metal parts. Vibration force high-speed punch, the Dongtai punch nearly 40 units, with monthly production capacity of 150,000 K; each punch with state monitoring system, combined with the Group's ERP system to achieve full data management. Division attaches great importance to the training of personnel and absorption, has a number of highly qualified mold design, production, maintenance professionals, with a variety of high-precision mold making equipment: Sodick wire cutting machine, CNC lathes, milling machines, grinders , a huge bed, machining centers, spark machine, etc.; combined with the MMS mold management system, timely and efficient completion from mold design to mass production, for customers to win valuable time.

Hardware Division always give top priority to quality, with advanced optical secondary and projectors, to ensure that the machining accuracy of each mold parts meet the design requirements, to ensure that each product to meet customer requirements; and continue to optimize the mold installationforeign body detectors, card-mode detector, air defense detector; management system and MMS mold, mold fixed maintenance quality prevention-oriented. Workshop purposes of clean management, the introduction of advanced cleaning equipment to ensure clean, poor rate control in less than 5ppm.

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