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Human Resources

Career Development

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Diversity training
The Sanyou know that training to improve employee job skills to reach people post match for the formation of shared values, enhance cohesion, to create a learning organization, to improve the competitiveness of enterprises an important role.

To this end, the Sanyou established a comprehensive training system, the integration with the Group's human resources planning, implementation of the strategy for the Group's development and production, management, and provide training support services to serve the technological progress.

The company has all the modern training facilities, ladder trainer, classroom, video training room, hierarchical, multi-form, a wide range of training the body to improve the quality of the staff, promote the growth of employees, such as leadership training, core competencies training, professional skills training, induction training, pre-job training, on-the-job training, development and training.

Career Development
Each Sanyou are eager to own career aspirations and Sanyou of the target vision combine to achieve their career development in the Sanyou.

The Sanyou of each employee to provide an equal career development stage, through professional development model capable commonplace "to give every employee the right to self-development.

To this end, the Sanyou for employees to build a dual-channel management professional "career development, to help employees achieve development in the Sanyou.