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Complete Product Laboratory
Sanyou invested heavily and built an advanced laboratory consisting of reliability laboratory, material laboratory and office, covering an area of nearly 600m2. The laboratory owns advanced relay detection and analysis equipment, such as thermostat, glow wire, experimental machine, life test table, coercivity tester, life test checking machine, salt fog corrosion resistance test chamber, high low temperature high humidity test chamber and vibration test table, as well as high definition camera and other auxiliary equipment.

In the quality policy of “Fair, Scientific, Accurate, Effective”, the laboratory strictly follows company quality and environmental management systems (ISO9001 & TS16949; ISO14001), and actively develops qualification test, type test, grope test, sales technical support and other items. All test items are carried out according to GB/T21711.1-2008 and IEC61810-7:2006 standards. Reliability test items include:

1.Relay Comprehensive Parameter Test Pick-up Voltage, Release Voltage, Contact Resistance, Coil Resistance, Response Time, Release Time


2.Dielectric Strength Test 3.Insulation Resistance Test 4.Temperature Test 5.Low Temperature Test 6.High Temperature Test
7.Steady Damp Heat Test 8.Thermal Shock Test 9.Cyclic Damp Heat Test 10.Impulse Test 11.Vibration Test
12.Mechanical Life Test 13.Electrical Endurance Test 14.Impulse Voltage Test 15.Terminal Strength Test 16.Weldability Test
17.Soldering Resistance Heat Test 18.Ball Indentation Test 19.Needle Flame Test 20.Glow Wire Test 21.Proof Tracking Test


Technology R&D