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Dongguan government visited Sanyou Corporation Limited to investigate the construction work of the “Dongguan Technician Workstation

Dongguan government visited Sanyou Corporation Limited to investigate the construction work of the “Dongguan Technician Workstation

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Dongguan government visited Sanyou Corporation Limited to investigate the construction work of the “Dongguan Technician Workstation

At 9:30 a.m on June 28, 2018, Nong Dingyi, deputy director of vocational training and guidance center of Dongguan Human Resources Bureau, Lin Lijian, director of Tangxia Human Resources Bureau, came to Sanyou Corporation Limited to investigate the preparatory work of "Dongguan Technician Workstation". Liu Wei, director of human resources, Zhou Yi, minister of equipment development, Du Xinyang, director of product R&D and Liao Haijun, director of mould design, warmly received the investigation group.

Accompanied by director Liu and minister Zhou, Nong Dingyi visited the product research and development department, testing center (also called laboratory), hardware business department, equipment development department and the automotive workshop in Dongguan business department successfully. They had a detailed understanding of Sanyou talent reserve of technical R&D, research and development ability, testing ability and the work flow of standardization, automation and intellectualization.

After on-site visit, the group and Mr. Liu moved to the conference room on the 2nd floor of the headquarters for a discussion. At the meeting, the investigation group gave full affirmation and high evaluation to our company's R&D, design and manufacturing site management, product core technology, and affirmed the foundation of our company's establishment of "Dongguan Technician Workstation". Subsequently, HR director Liu introduced the talent development mechanism of our company, emphasizing that "talent is the first productive force", and elaborated the work plan and assumption of technician workstation. He expressed that, under the guidance of higher authorities, the plan of technician workstation would be put into effect smoothly, so as to train talents and carry out diversified training plans, especially practical talents. The cultivation of technical talent has explored a new pattern of "strengthening enterprises with talents", which provides strong talent support for the realization of the strategic objectives of Sanyou Corporation Limited.