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Sanyou PLC - 1811 class opening ceremony held successfully

Sanyou PLC - 1811 class opening ceremony held successfully

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Sanyou  PLC - 1811 class opening ceremony held successfully.For the construction of Sanyou’s automation reserve of talents to meet demand of each factories and departments, to promote organization and

For the construction of Sanyou’s automation reserve of talents to meet demand of each factories and departments, to promote organization and management ability. Sanyou Corporation Limited established the PLC - 1811 class and the opening ceremony was held on November 9. Mr. Fu (Sanyou operating president), Mr. Liu (human resources director), and general managers of each branch of Sanyou Corporation Limited attended the meeting.



The ceremony was organized by the human resources department. In the opening ceremony, the host introduced the learning solutions, class organization, as well as examination system and assessment plan of PLC automation class. The headteacher Liu Pengju (section manager of the equipment development dept), explained the significance of this class and he wished all students would get a good result. Then the human resources director Mr. Liu analyzed deeply from the perspective of Sanyou learning and development, and encouraged everyone to learn, and pointed out that the personnel who passing PLC - 1811 class training would enter the talent pool for the corresponding salary/post adjustment. Meanwhile, Mr. Fu ( operating president) gave an important speech. He stressed that training should be systematic, detailed and comprehensive, the quality of teaching should be strictly controlled , not only to learn the theory knowledge in class, but also to practice after class.



At this point, the PLC - 1811 class opening ceremony finished. However, we can't stop the pace of learning, We wish everyone should keep constantly learning, gain constantly progress, and achieve an excellent result.