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Warmly congratulates Sanyou passing the assessment of "double growth plan" pilot enterprise

Warmly congratulates Sanyou passing the assessment of "double growth plan" pilot enterprise

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Warmly congratulates Sanyou passing the assessment of "double growth plan" pilot enterprise  

According to the assessment of "double growth plan" pilot enterprise from Dongguan municipal in 2018, the administrative agency has carried out the adjustment work of 2019 plan. After the deliberation by administrative agency, Sanyou Corporation Limited has passed the 2018 annual assessment and met the requirements of the assessment program in terms of relevant business target, and became a " double growth plan" pilot enterprise of Dongguan in 2019.




This year, Dongguan municipal kicks off the advanced version of "double growth plan" , innovates the “double growth” development vision to put forward to promoting a high-quality development of enterprise, further releases the policy of “industrial zoo upgrade”, sets up the service point, establishes a round-way feedback mechanism, strives to promote economic development mainly via advanced manufacture enterprise.


"Double growth plan" is a significant policy for the Dongguan municipal economic development, the Enterprises which can participate this club, are the ones which have high growth rate or potential. With the government support, the members of this club shall have the possibility to achieve double growth both in scale and profit within 3-5 years. Sanyou Corporation Limited has been passing the "double growth plan" pilot assessment, which can fully prove the integrated capability of Sanyou, as well, it’s a fundamentally positive proof and support from Dongguan Municipal. Meanwhile, it strengthens the confidence and determination of Sanyou for this double growth target. Sanyou will take advantage of this good chance and environment created by the government for enterprises, actively upgrade the industrial hierarchy, actively promote the technology innovation, persistently explore the market, and positively implement the mergers and acquisitions, to enhance the confidence and base of Sanyou qualified development, make a steady march on the way to achieve this “double growth plan”.