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Sanyou supports overseas customers to defeat the COVID-19 Epidemic.

Sanyou supports overseas customers to defeat the COVID-19 Epidemic.

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Source:SanyougroupofficialwebsiteTime:10:20am,April16,2020,BeijingTime. OnthemorningofApril16,infrontofthefountainofSanyouheadquarter,thereisfullofbannersandcrowdsinthecleanandtidysquare,representingt

Source: Sanyou group official website

Time: 10:20 am, April 16, 2020, Beijing Time.


On the morning of April 16, in front of the fountain of Sanyou headquarter, there is full of banners and crowds in the clean and tidy square, representing the spirit of Sanyou "keep forging ahead, never give up, constantly think of change and never complacent" 16 chinese characters, shining in the morning sunshine.


The COVID-19 epidemic is affecting the hearts of all Sanyou’ers. The virus has spread over the world, among which the United States, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, India, Russia are even serious. Many customers of sanyou are located in these regions. Sanyou group attaches great importance to and pays close attention to the dynamic of local countries’ epidemic!

At 9:00 am, the group launched " Working Together to Defeat the COVID-19 Epidemic " program-the 1st round of donation activity in front of its headquarter square , attendees include the Group President Mr. Chao-yang SONG, Sales President Mr. Shao-feng MENG, Group Supply Chain Director Ms. Fu-rong YANG and Oversea Sales Director Mr. Gary GAO, etc. A total of 100,000 pcs face masks are donated or purchase-instead and sending to Europe, North America, India and South Korea.


It is understood that, On April 1, the China government reported the aggravation of overseas epidemic. Company President Mr.Song is highly concerned about the impact of the epidemic on overseas customers, and signed the " Letter of sympathy from Sanyou group to overseas customers " on April 2, expressing solicitude to overseas customers and collecting their demands for epidemic prevention materials.

As of April 10(last Friday), a total of nearly 100,000 requested items had been collected. The group supply chain department actively connected with the epidemic prevention material manufacturers and opened up the procurement channel. The group sales management department earnestly understood the requirements of international logistics on the declaration of epidemic prevention materials, works were carried out in a tense and orderly manner. The first shipment of 100,000 pcs face-masks will be expected to be delivered on Friday, April 17.

Sanyou group adheres to the concept of practicing corporate social responsibility and is willing to work with all parties to strengthen in-depth cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, production safety and lead time, so as to be prepared mentally and professionally for long-term response to changes of the external environment and jointly maintain the sustainable development of the business.

Together, overcome the difficulties! Sanyou’ers all over the world will continue to pay attention to the COVID 19 epidemic and provide its best to assist for the epidemic prevention and control work.