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The first "Three Friends Cup" basketball league ended in 2012

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On June 28th, the first "Three Friends Cup" basketball league was officially kicked off in the newly established basketball court in 2012. Mr. Song Chaoyang, the general manager of the company, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a warm speech. The opening ceremony also attracted the full shooting and reporting of Tangxia TV reporters.

After seven teams from each business division competed in the fierce round-robin competition for nearly half a month, the three-friend team and the product development team stood out and competed for the final crown. On that day, the players on both sides of the game were full of passion and heroism. On the court, you competed for it, and launched a fierce fight, and the scenes continued. In the end, the three-friends team pulled the score to 57 to 49 with a beautiful aerial relay to seal the victory and win the championship. The product development team won the runner-up and the production management team won the third place.

The basketball game not only fully demonstrated the true level of the players, but also revealed the spirit of hard work and unremitting pursuit of the players, and greatly enriched the staff's spare time, enhanced the friendship between the employees and better understood the teamwork. The importance of, and ultimately laid the foundation for the construction of a warm and harmonious corporate culture.


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