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Mingguang Sanyou organizes employees to participate in the overall quality management knowledge test

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According to the instructions of the document “The Organizing to Participate in the 2012 Annual Total Quality Management Knowledge Examination” document, the Mingguang Sanyou actively organized employees to participate in the unified examination. The first batch of 15 employees who signed up for the examination recently passed the comprehensive examination. Quality management knowledge training and examinations have all passed the assessment and obtained the certificate of conformity issued by the China Quality Association.

It is understood that in 2012, the Municipal Economic and Information Committee has conducted comprehensive quality management knowledge training for 16 key enterprises in the city twice. At present, 165 people have passed the examination and obtained relevant certificates.

Through this unified examination, everyone has further understanding of the development of comprehensive quality management, content, standards, objectives, quality improvement procedures, quality management systems, evaluation standards, etc., and enhanced the awareness of quality management, to strengthen in the future work. And to improve the quality management work, prevent and improve quality problems, and achieve the goal of full participation in quality management, played a positive role in promoting. The company will continue to organize and participate in the comprehensive quality management knowledge test in 2013. (Mingguang Sanyou / Gao Jie)

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