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Congratulations to Sanyou Corporation Group for passing the assessment of the “Double-increasing Plan” pilot enterprises in Dongguan in 2018

Congratulations to Sanyou Corporation Group for passing the assessment of the “Double-increasing Plan” pilot enterprises in Dongguan in 2018

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According to the "2018 Dongguan City Multiplier Plan" Pilot Enterprise Assessment Work Plan (East Plus Office [2018] No. 409) and "2019 Dongguan City "Multiply Plan" Pilot Enterprise Selection Work Plan" (East Times Office [2018] 412 No.), 

According to the "2018 Dongguan City Multiplier Plan" Pilot Enterprise Assessment Work Plan (East Plus Office [2018] No. 409) and "2019 Dongguan City "Multiply Plan" Pilot Enterprise Selection Work Plan" (East Times Office [2018] 412 No.), the Municipal Multiplication Office carried out the dynamic adjustment of the pilot enterprises of the “Double Increase Plan” in Dongguan in 2019. After reviewing the work meeting of the Municipal Multiplier Office, Sanyou Lianzhong Group Co., Ltd. passed the 2018 annual appraisal and reached the requirements of the appraisal program in terms of relevant business operations indicators, and determined to become the pilot enterprise of the “multiplier plan” in Dongguan in 2019.


This year, Dongguan launched an upgraded version of the “multiplier plan”. The innovation proposes to further promote the high-quality multi-development concept of the enterprise, comprehensively relax the “work-for-worker”, set up a point-of-sale waiter, and establish a policy two-way feedback mechanism, such as “multiple new ten” Out, focus on promoting the development of the real economy with the core of advanced manufacturing.

We will comprehensively sort out the needs of enterprise development, supply of targeted allocation elements, and fully solve problems such as enterprise land use, talent protection housing, children's enrollment, supporting factories and expansion.

Further improve the policy environment, pay close attention to the introduction of supporting incentive measures and implementation rules, increase support in high-level identification, technological transformation, listing and other aspects, and promote the city's stock-president enterprises to accelerate the realization of scale and efficiency doubled.

It is necessary to firmly grasp the historical opportunities for the construction of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, firmly develop the real economy and unswervingly, further boost the confidence and determination of high-quality multiplication; use the government to create a good space and environment for enterprises, and actively expand the project development space. , vigorously improve from