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SANYOU & WANJIA made a wonderful show at the 2018 Munich Electronics Show

SANYOU & WANJIA made a wonderful show at the 2018 Munich Electronics Show

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Munich Electronics Show was found in 1964. It is held once every two years. It is the largest professional exhibition of electronic components in the world. This year is the 28th

Munich Electronics Show was found in 1964. It is held once every two years. It is the largest professional exhibition of electronic components in the world. This year is the 28th . There are over 50 countries and 2,913 manufacturers take part into this latest exhibition in 2016. It attracts 73,451 visitors from 84 countries. The exhibition focuses on the application of automotive electronics, green electronics and medical electronics, which covers electronic components and modules such as induction panel wireless module and semiconductor embedded system. This exhibition is an effective bridge connection for the industry to enter the European countries and the global electronic market, and it’s also a great opportunity to contact the global professional buyers.

SANYOU &WANJIA current offer includes more than 80 series, 10,000 kinds of specifications, product covers general power relay, magnetic latching relay, automotive relay and new energy relay, which are widely used in home appliance, traffic, industry, energy, information, health care and so on. During the 2018 Munich Electronics Show, sale managers and technical professionals from SANYOU & WANJIA headquarters and European Sanyou Electric Co., Ltd presented in the exhibition and provided professional and comprehensive service to global customers.