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Work consolation and condolences

Work consolation and condolences

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In order to support the school's epidemic prevention work and promote an orderly return to school, recently, Sanyou appointed Liu Wei, director of human resources, made a special trip to Chuzhou machinery industry school. He expressed his warm condolences to the staff and workers who were busy with the implementation of the epidemic prevention work before returning to school, and donated 3000 masks to the school for the epidemic prevention materials. Zhu Shiping, President of the Chuzhou machinery industry school, accepted the donation on behalf of the school.and express the heartfelt thanks to the Sanyou union group for the love and donation. Vice president Ma Xiangmei and Yan Jia also attended the donation ceremony.


After the donation, the two sides held special talks on school enterprise cooperation. President Zhu summarized the cooperation over the past two years. He believed that he had a high degree of agreement with the Sanyou' naming classes and a way of training students' integration of production and teaching, so that students could better master their knowledge and skills.


Liu also expressed his views:

1. The gap between the Sanyou and the Mingguang manufacturing base is large. Compared with the coastal cities, the talent is difficult to obtain. The human resource strategy of the group is localized development, and ways to cultivate talents and retain talents. Cooperation with Chuzhou machinery industry school is one of the ways to implement it.

2. for this year's school enterprise cooperation, summing up the experience of previous years, we need to prepare ahead of schedule and do a good job in corporate publicity so as to lay a solid foundation for acquiring high-quality students.


The symposium reached a consensus in many aspects, laying a good foundation for promoting the deep integration of schools and enterprises and mutual benefit.