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Put People First and Respect Talents. Summary Conference of the Process of Reserve Cadre Incubation Camp of Sanyou Lianzhong Group in 2021. Sound Ending of Dual-qualification Authorization Ceremony.


On the afternoon of August 17, 2021, Summary Conference of the Process of Reserve Cadre Incubation Camp and Dual-qualification Authorization Ceremony were successfully held in the lecture hall on the first floor of the headquarters building of Sanyou Lianzhong, led by Liu Wei, director of Human Resources, and Yu Rongai, director of New Energy Technology. A total of 35 reserve cadres and tutors of various departments from Hunan Institute of Technology and Guilin University of Electronic Technology participated in this unique activity.

Reserve Cadres Express Their Thoughts and Gains During the Training Phase

Full of Vigor and Confidence. All the young reserve cadres came to the stage to express their feelings in the learning process, the knowledge they learned, and their next plans in the company. The sincere and eager speeches of the reserve cadres gave the tutors a basic understanding of their learning status, and a clear understanding of the next training direction for different types of talents, which has truly achieved the purpose of this meeting.

Issue the Letter of Appointment to Tutors

Carefully Select Tutors and Value talents. There is no doubt that the tutor plays the guiding and educational role of in the learning process of reserve cadres in enterprise. The selection of tutors is strictly based on professionalism, responsibility, and ability. The tutors of various functional departments are responsible for the cultivation and training of reserve cadres in three aspects: shaping their professional mentality, professional knowledge and post skills. Whether it is in the teaching of knowledge or the guidance of reserve cadres, the tutors of Sanyou Lianzhong have offered great help to our reserve cadres. In this activity of issuing letters of appointment to tutors, there are not only the thoughts and self-reflections of the reserve cadres, but also the suggestions and guidance of the tutors to the students.

Director of Human Resources Department Liu Wei Delivered a Speech to Encourage and Guide Students

In the speech, Mr. Liu made it clear that talents are the precious wealth of an enterprise, and hope that every reserve cadre can seize various opportunities, study steadily, and take root in the enterprise. Reserve cadres should look for gaps, tap their own potential and give full play to the decisive role of internal factors according to the established training objectives and competency model. They should also work closely with their tutors, be diligent and eager to learn, integrate knowledge with practice, have the courage to practice, and constantly improve their professional technology and post competence.

Talents are valuable wealth and inexhaustible driving force to the country and society. For enterprises, they are the source of development, and the foundation of strengthening and competition. The tutor system training of reserve cadres also shows that the Sanyou Lianzhong attaches great importance to talents. During the training period, we will adhere to the spirit of seeking truth from facts and never being careless. The tutor will give all-round guidance to our reserve cadres, not only including professional knowledge, but also life and psychological guidance. The tutor will communicate regularly with the students to understand their current level of professional knowledge. The monthly assessment system is adopted as the assessment method, which is scored by relevant department and Human Resource Department coring to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the assessment.

The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the construction of talent echelon, which is based on the strategic development of the enterprise. Through external recruitment and internal training, the company will build an iron army that “ be ready to come, fight and win at any time”.