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Sanyou has been deeply engaged in relay industry for 13 years.
Product Center High Voltage DC Relay High voltage DC relay SEL250 series

High voltage DC relay SEL250 series

Product overview


●250 amps continuous carry,product miniaturization and lightweight

●Max. Load current capacity:8000A

●2000 amps interrupte under extreme condition

●Hermetically sealed with hydrogen gas,the arc is not exposed.Be able to use in explosive & harsh environments without oxidation or contamination of contacts

●There is no polarity requirement for load wiring and no polarity requirement for coil drive

Product advantages

Detailed parameters

ltem Specification
Mechanical life 2×105 cycle
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ(1000VDC)

Dielectric strength

Between open contacts 4000VAC 1min. 1mA
Between contaci and coil 4000VAC 1min. 1mA
Operation time(at rated coil voltage) ≤30ms
Release time(at rated coil voltage) ≤10ms
Shock resistance Functional

Closed state:490m/s2(50G)


Destructive 490m/s2(50G)
Vibration resistance 10Hz~500Hz 49m/s2(5G)
Ambient temperature -40℃~+85℃
Ambient humidity 5%~85% RH
Weight 350g
External dimension 86.05x42.5x74.5

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