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Product Center General Power Relay General Power Relay SJ-16A series

General Power Relay SJ-16A series

Product overview

16A switching capbility

lmpulse withstand voltage(between coil and contact) : 10,000V

Product in accordance to IEC60335-1 GWFI 850℃/GWIT 775℃ and CTI≥250V is available.

Product in accordance to 750℃ is available.

Dimensions: 18. 2mmx15.5mmx 10.2mm

Product advantages

● Safety Certification


● UL、 CU-L certification number: E190598


● VDE certification number:


● CQC certification number: CQC02001002114、CQC09002030583、CQC11002064518

Detailed parameters

Contact Material Silver Alloy
Contact Resistance 100mΩ Max.(at 1A 24VDC)
Pull-in Time 10msec. Max. (without diode)
Release Time 5msec. Max. (without diode)
Insulation resistance 1,000MΩ Min.(DC500V)
Medium withstand voltage Between contact and contact:AC1,000V(0.4w), AC750V(0.2w) 50/60Hz 1min.
Between contact and coil:AC4,000V,50/60Hz 1min.
Anti-vibration durable 10~55Hz,Double amplitude1.5 mm
Malfunction 10~55Hz,Double amplitude1.5 mm
Impact resistance durable 100G Min.
Malfunction 10G Min.
Life Mechanical life(10,800 times per hour ) 10,000,000 times
Electrical life(360 times per hour) 50,000 times
Ambient temperature -40℃~+85℃(Non-condensing)



about 5.7g

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