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Product Center Magnetic Latching Relay Magnetic latching relay WJ302 series

Magnetic latching relay WJ302 series

Product overview

100A contact switching capability

Low power consumption, pulse drive

Strong impact resistance, high reliability

Withstand voltage between contact and coil 4KV

Available for single coil and double coil

Environmentally friendly products (in accordance with Ro HS)

Comply with IEC 62055-31 UC 3 clause

External Dimensions: 66.7 mm×46.4 mm×24 mm

Product advantages

Detailed parameters

Contact Material Silver Alloy
Contact Resistance 2mΩ Max.
Pull-in Time 20ms Max.
Release Time 20ms Max.
Insulation resistance 1,000MΩ Min.(DC500V)
Medium withstand voltage Between contact and contact:AC1,000; 50/60Hz 1min
Between contact and coil:AC4,000V; 50/60Hz 1min.
Creepage distance 8mm
Anti-vibration 10~55Hz Double amplitude 1.5mm
Impact resistance durable 100G Min.
Malfunction 10G Min.
Life Mechanical life (1800 times per hour) 100,000 times
Electrical life(120 times per hour) 3,000 times
Ambient temperature -40℃~+85℃
Humidity 5%~85%RH

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