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Sanyou has been deeply engaged in relay industry for 13 years.
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Automotive relay SARI-series

Product overview

25A motor rating


Transformational contact

Single and dual relays available

H (180℃)insulation Class

250 ℃ reflow soldering

Product advantages

Detailed parameters

Contact Material Silver Alloy
Contact Resistance 250mV Max (at10A)
Pull-in Time 10msec. Max.
Release Time 10msec. Max.
Insulation resistance 500MΩ Min.(DC500V)
Medium withstand voltage Between contact and contact:AC500V,50/60Hz for 1min.
Between contact and coil:AC500V,50/60Hz for 1min.
Vibration Stability 10~100Hz,44.1m/s²
Strength 10~500Hz,44.1m/s² 2h
Impulse Stability 100m/s²(pulse duration: 11ms)
Strength 1000m/s²(pulse duration: 6ms)
Life Mechanical life (10,800 times per hour) 1x107times
Electrical life(600 times per hour) 1×105 times
Ambient temperature


Weight Single type:about 3.5g ;Dual type:about 6.5g

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