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"Communication under different cultural backgrounds is a challenge. The company encourages diversity and compatibility and advocates brainstorming, which allows me to see vast possibilities and growth space."

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Continue to evolve in a diverse and compatible environment

My name is Gill. My first job was in software development, and then I started to transform into product work. Joined the company in 2018 and is now mainly responsible for international product work.




When we first started making international products, we would take relatively mature products to various markets to verify, find out the problems in this market through research and analysis, and make customizations based on specific cultures. After collecting observations on multiple markets, we will think more deeply about the nature of cross-culturalism, generalize user needs, understand the generality of the global market, and design and develop multi-cultural functions.




There are many difficulties in the process of internationalization. The first problem is cross-language communication. Some engineers were very nervous when they first attended the bilingual conference, and even couldn't speak, but after two months, they could explain all the algorithm logic alone. I have met many such engineers, and they have done it. It will feel incredible. I know that a person can maintain continuous learning, but it is difficult to see an organization with such a high learning efficiency. This may be the power of the team atmosphere! Realize rapid improvement through ear and eye contact and active communication. Individuals grow with the team, and the growth of the team also accelerates personal growth.




Another difficulty is how to maintain efficient cross-cultural cooperation. At this point, the efficiency tools provided by the company surprised me very much, especially the linkage between collaboration systems, such as authority management, IM tools, project management... Develop a company as a product. Design the system according to your own needs, and carry out a good linkage to make the team work more efficient. Colleagues from other countries also appreciate this, and I think this is also a solid foundation for international teamwork.




Following the company's globalization process, team members are becoming more and more diversified, and it is also important to understand and respect the differences between different people. The team advocates brainstorming and encourages different ideas to challenge myself. This diverse and compatible working environment allows me to see the vast possibilities and room for growth. I also hope that our products can serve more people in the future.


GillIReserve officers