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Ye Huiming, Deputy Secretary of Tangxia Town Party Committee and Mayor of the Town, led a team to visit Sanyou Corporation Limited to help us get over the difficulties


New year, new life.

On the afternoon of February 26, Ye Huiming, deputy secretary of Tangxia Town Party Committee and mayor of the Town, led a team to visit our company for investigational study, and sent the loving care and Spring Festival blessings of the Party Committee and the government to Sanyou Lianzhong to encourage the development of the company.

  Ye Huiming: Work safety and epidemic prevention and control shall be ensured


During the visit, Ye Huiming learned about the employees' staying local for the Spring Festival and post-holiday start-up, employment, production and operation of Sanyou Lianzhong, focused on the development direction, investment plan, difficulties and demands of Sanyou Lianzhong in the new year, and mentioned the need to implement post-holiday return, epidemic prevention and control, work safety, etc.

Ye Huiming expressed his full assistance to deal with the challenges encountered by enterprises, and solve their problems in a timely manner. Besides, he also pointed out that enterprises must continue to attach importance to epidemic prevention and control, and focus on safety production and fire safety to ensure safe and stable development of the enterprises.